Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tribute Tuesday: BOYZ II MEN

Originally from Philly, the group consisted of four guys: Shawn Stockman, Michael McCrary, Wanya Morris and Nathan Morris. They began in 1988 and was the group to be win the early to mid 90's. Their R&B songs were always memorable. You can never listen to a Boyz II Men song without a fantastic harmony and the equally memorable bass voice of Michael McCrary. There is not one person out there who has slow danced to I'll Make Love To You or knew the words to End of the Road. Unfortunately, the group fizzled with the boy band craze in the late 90's, but their classics still made airwaves. They made a few brief comebacks, but none were as successful as what they had when they started. To make matters worse, Michael McCrary left the group after chronic back pain related to his scoliosis. There is not a person who has viewed this blog who has not sang a line of a Boyz II Men song. So as part of our weekly schedule, we here at NUTCHECK VIDEOS dedicate today to arguably the greatest R&B group in music history. Here are some of their classics. Enjoy and sing along if you have to.

Where it all began baby: MOTOWNPHILLY

If you're a Full House fan, you remember the dance number Stephanie Tanner did on this episode

Although we've come to the END OF THE ROAD!

1. BOOMERANG soundtrack. What a song!

Oh God Gimme a reason...

1. Lisa from Saved by the Bell is Wanya's girl
2. Tootie/Regina from Living Single is Nathan's girl
3. Matching garb for the group=INSANELY awesome!
4. Greatest emo song of all time

I'll Make Love To You

1. Duane Martin from Above The Rim is the security system guy.
2. A lot of babies were made to this song.

Water Runs Dry

1. At the time, the white sands were the greatest fucking thing I've ever seen
2. Being in a 90's band was the life.

One Sweet Day with Mariah Carey

Ode to all moms out there

1. When I heard this in Soul Food, it overtook Dear Mama by 2Pac as my favorite "mom" type song

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

1. One of the greatest acappella numbers I've ever heard
2. Take time out to relive the memory of your loved ones and friends.

Now for the underrated...

Doin' Just Fine... BTW, what a setting to the video!

Four Seasons Of Loneliness

Pass You By

They Even Do Christmas. LET IT SNOW!

Vibin' Remix with Treach from Naughty By Nature, Craig Mack (the ugliest guy in hip hop), Busta Rhymes and Method Man

The Color of Love

Even perfecting a timeless classic. Sara Smile by Hall and Oates

...Its you and me forever...

From MAC, Boogie and the Zoo we appreciate and thank you for checkin' into the blog.

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Anonymous said...

uuh...a HUGE correction is needed here! It's nice of you to do the tribute and all, but Boyz II Men, who tour nine months our of every year, have just completed a hugely successful world tour, playing to sold out audiences from Japan to Russia to Vegas, etc. and just garnered yet another Grammy nomination for their latest album which was just released in 2008, have HARDLY fizzled out, guys. GET IT RIGHT!