Monday, February 25, 2008


With some hits about your friends. We'll keep it goin' until Friday when we all gather for the Doom's Birthday Bash! Until then, enjoy the vids...

Brandy: Best Friend

Brandy was puttin' out tracks in the 90's. What the hell happened?

Green Day: Poprocks and Coke

Solid friend video. Green Day is always brilliant!

Monica: For You I Will

Shoulda added this last night, but still a solid song.

Even takin' it waaaaay back... Anne Murray: You Needed Me


Phil Collins: You'll Be In My Heart

Phil Collins ruled the world in the 80's. No denying that.

Keep tuning in to friends week leading up to birthday central for our friend Mark D. Tomorrow: The 10 Greatest Friends scenes/episodes created by the NCV
Wednesday: Hip Hop Friends
Thursday: Doom(s) DAY!!! Our ode to one Mark Dumadag

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