Monday, February 11, 2008

Love Week: Teen Love

Like my fellow blogger said in his post, we are dedicating this week to LOVE and all the goodness that it is. And we think we should start Monday off with a few goodies and go back to when we were teens and reminisce about that someone you wanted to be with. You know holdin' hands while walkin' home from school, the school dance, the notes in the classroom. This is our ode to that with some classics. Don't forget to continue to peep the blog for more goodness and make sure you tune in tomorrow for our tribute to the one and only BARRY WHITE.

We'll go back to back with some classic Soul 4 Real

Candy Rain

1.This song would get so made fun of nowadays, but during the early-mid 90's you jammed to these guys.
2. The lead singer was my age at the time.

Every Little Thing I Do

1. For you Stockton folks. Take a trip down memory lane with me. 90's. Hammer Skate. You and your gal are separated an arms length apart then this song plays and then you come close. Afterwards you partake in that damn delicious orange frothy drink over there. You can't tell me this song wasn't a part of your younger years if you grew up in the 90's? I'd tell you you're bullshitting!

Arguably the greatest Teen love group of all time: New Edition

Popcorn Love

Mr. Telephone Man

You name me somebody who grew up listening to New Edition and not know the chorus to this song. That's right.

Jackson Five: Got To Be There

1. Who knew the lead singer would mess with ones younger than teenagers
2. Underrated bubble gum pop song.

I'll Be There

This is the best way to sing an original. Not the Mariah Carey version. Sorry baby!

Yes everyone, I went there...

F You Guys... I love this song.

1. I still think that curly haired blonde dude didn't have anything to offer.
2. Backstreet Boys suck!

Ok guys and gals, keep tuning in...

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