Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday's Blog: All-Star Weekend

Here is a complete, hilarious and very entertaining recap of our All-Star weekend. It all started Friday Night with some dinner with a few home slices. Whilst at the Elephant Bar, me and the Dooms and I discussed the upcoming trade deadline and what our respective teams should do. For my Bulls, get rid of Ben Wallace's expiring contract, while my counterparts shone the fact that Ron Artest needed to go. After a couple of long island ice teas, a cranberry w/ vodka and a kamikazi shot later (not all me), Lil and Mute showed up. The usual hellos, and then our table was called. Sorry to Lil and Mute for not waiting for you gals to get your drinks and letting those two creepy Mexican dudes hit on you. Whatchu think about that Charles Barkley?


We were seated and a wager was placed to see if Zack wore a muscle shirt. He did not disappoint. After sliding my shot glass across the table and getting a lecture about having hit a kid who may have been walking by, everyone finally got their food, except me. How long does it take to cook salmon?

"You set it and forget it"

That was a fun way to start all-star weekend, but everyone had to jam. Personally, I was tired. So we took a pic before parting. Lemme introduce to you (from left) Mark (1/2 of the Legion of Doom), Liz (AKA Mute, AKA The Legend Killer), Lilia (The Office Manager Formerly Known As Lilia Padilla), Zack Attack, the Zoo, and Chris (the other half of the Legion of Doom)

Saturday was all about the All-Star festivities and Little LeBrandon's Birthday at the Cortes residence. When we got there, we partook in all different types of food and enjoyed each others' company. But first there was the matter of one Dwight Howard. Many had oohs and aahs about his first dunk, or the Superman dunk but to me his bounce off the backboard in midair dunk was his best of the night.


I just have to credit myself for recognizing what he did initially, then when the replay hit, the house went bananas!

Then it was time for the birthday boy... Baby Brandon. His first birthday and his dad's shenanigans... Here's the pics:

Getting ready to blow the candles!

Happy Birthday to you!

Here it comes...


Dammit Daddy!

Just so Baby B has proof when the day comes when he has to choose if he's gonna sent his dad to a Nursing home.

At night, we endulged in a game of poker with the peeps and the boys came back with an indulging game of beer pong to defend my title. You know when I first played it the Somera house, I thought it was pure luck. But Saturday night, in the words of one Dan Patrick...


Need proof?




Bryon Russell and Craig Ehlo

More clutch than MJ!

Remind you of someone?

The Agony of Defeat


There's only one song to commemorate this pic...

Zack Attack and Sir Stevematic took a whirl...

...But couldn't see me...

I couldn't be more on fire. To end this evening, I give you my commemorative pose and a quick music video montage to my beer pong magic...

I GOT...

Sunday came and to finish out the weekend, we witnessed an entertaining ass All-Star Game. We saw Lebron from a nice alley oop from Kidd, and Amare dunkin' on Howard. But peep the last highlight on this vid for the most ridiculous drive and dunk of the night.

Dirk was so posterized he thought the entire East team was wearing Warrior jerseys.

But of course to cap it off...

NCV Lovin' Life!

The Dooms

Used my left hand just like Carlos Boozer

Next shindig... Birthday Bash for the Doom

I'd like to thank Lil, the Legend Killer, Zack Attack, the Cortes clan, the beer pong squads, the Legion of Doom, and my tag team partner MACTINO for makin' All-Star weekend happen. See ya at the next one...


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