Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Night Slow Jam Special: Wedding Songs

In lieu of Valentine's Day comin' up, we here at the NCV would like to dedicate tonite's post to all those in love and enjoying their wedded bliss. We certainly hope some of our songs bring you great memories and even reminisce about that faithful day. Also remember here at the blog, we put out the unconventional songs too. We try and stay out of the ordinary. Here to you couples out there...

Etta James: At Last

What a beautiful song!

Heatwave: Always and Forever

I don't give a damn if it was the 7th grade dance or your first dance at your wedding, this song makes the cut.

Edwin McCain: I Could Not Ask For More


A kicked up version of an old classic... You Are Everything by Mary J. Blige

Bob Carlisle: Butterfly Kisses

Listening to this song makes me cry like a little girl. Ahem. I mean. Its a nice song.

Keep in tune with the Blog for more wedding songs. In honor of Valentine's Day, we are postin' LOVE WEEK all week long. So don't miss out.

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