Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Recap: AGENDA

What an evening! This was the event that many of us waited the entire week for. For those who put in countless hours at work just to save up for the event, the more power to ya. Those who put in the time to work and go to school just so you can get the days off, this party was for you. Most importantly, those who were friends of Mark D, you wouldn't miss this for the world. So here's the recap...

It all started at Mr. Chan's pad. Where the birthday boy was already there and we arrived and got the important beer pong tournament started. But first me and Mrs. G.O.A.T had to pull up a surprise for the peoples...


...But the unthinkable happened

The End Result

We lost twice. Well actually got hustled. But at least we won the third game. The fun is just starting as the rest of the Nation made its way to the pad, the drinks began flowin' Pictures, do you need pictures?

Then it was time for the initiation of the newest member of


We're talkin' about THE BIG SHOW!

A few more drinks and pictures... (Thanks to Brandon for giving me that quadruple shot that I gunned down

After searching for me and calling an...

We were ready to go to Agenda...

A special thanks to Lilia for not allowing me to stumble down while walking over there. I guess that's what you're there for. That and being my dance partner. Even though I was an idiot there at times. Big props from the...

Here comes the pictures...

After the club, we all walked back to Pete's pad and decided to go get a bite. There was a split between Iguana's and La Vics. Before that Mark decided to puke but I wanted to join him, but to no avail. Boogie, Chad, MACTINO and I went to Iguana's. Had a burrito. A certain someone hittin' on all the gals since Agenda was still goin' at it. Finally we finished, and then it finally happened...


Finally after the long night I finally changed into some my sexyback garb (basketball shorts and a hoodie) and crashed on the big couch at Pete's place. Not before I witnessed puking all over a Bud Light Box was the last image in my head.

The morning came and before the Nation went their separate ways, we enjoyed a bowl of PHO to cap off the hangover and headaches.

1. To Mark D (from all): Thank you for having this event and allowing us to enjoy every minute of it with ya.

2. Peter Chan and Roomies (From all): Thanks for hostin' and letting us crash. And for the Tylenol in the morning.

3. Lilia Padilla (From Shanezoola): For walking with me and not letting me fall, and when I did fall, for helping me up. And thank you for being my dance partner amidst my idiot status. Well at least I can entertain you.

4. Cousin Rich: For not leavin' me.

5. Brandon (Shanezoola): For that shot!

6. Paola(R) Bear (Shanezoola): For representin' the jersey, being a dance partner, and for a laugh when we fell on the dance floor. The funny part about it is we kept dancing on the floor.

7. DJ Ekspoe (From all): Mad love for the beats!

8. Mel-Boogie (From all): For ridding us of our drinks in our hand by sippin' at them.

9. Alvin's Sister (From you know who): For just being a saint.

10. THE ENTIRE NATION OF DOMINATION CREW: Ya'll's got a new member, and I'm honored to be part of the crew!

So until the next one everyone... I dedicate this song to all of you (after watching it that night)

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