Thursday, March 27, 2008

TOP 10 Wrestling Women

As Wrestlemania week continues, we honor the women of wrestling who has made a difference in a male dominated sport. We rank our top 10 to hotness and contribution to the sport. So without further ado, here is NUTCHECK VIDEO's Top 10.

10. Candace Michelle: We know she probably has no business here, but her popularity with the internet and the whole has carried over to the WWE. She has become a champion already and is one of the most popular divas in the business.

9. Maria Kanellis: Ever since we saw her interviewing wrestlers a few years ago, we were hooked to her.

8. Terri Runnels: She was Goldust's wife and manager. She looked older, but her puppies were the reason Jerry Lawler would always yell em out!

7. Sable: I will always remember the first Bikini contests when Sable broke out that one piece suit. Wooooooo! Or the one where she had hand prints painted on her boobs. The girl went from a manager to a diva in the WWE overnight.

6. Sunny: She was the first HOTTIE diva! Her blonde hotness just made you remotely interested in the opening matches since the wrestlers she managed sucked! Her theme song I Know You Want Me makes me want her more.

5. Torrie Wilson: I first noticed her in WCW with Kidman and then I was in love with her. Her dimples, smile and gorgeous body gave me a reason to watch wrestling. Then added that she was an underrated wrestler who took her bumps, adds to her brilliance.

4. Lita: A down ass chick. She was pretty, talented and can beat your ass all into one. She never flaunted it like the others, which makes her mystery more appealing.

3. Trish Stratus: Out of all the women, she was the best wrestler. In a male dominated sport, she stood out in the ring. No one can touch her wrestling skills. Add the fact that she has a slammin' body and sexy, she deserves a top 3 spot.

2. Stacy Keibler: The legs were always the first think noticed. WCW was where she made her debut as Ms. Hancock. Walking down the ring with a business suit and legs that went on for days. Then when she moved to the WWE and even wrestled, our jaws just dropped in amazement.

1. Miss Elizabeth: Original hottie, manager and if you grew up watching wrestling at its best. You never forget her. Its a damn shame that she passed early, but everyone who watched wrestling will always be in debt to what she has done for the business. I will always remember Wrestlemania IV where she took off her skirt to distract the wrestlers when Macho Man and Hulk Hogan wrestled.

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