Wednesday, April 9, 2008

10 Greatest Sports Upsets By An Underdog

10. NC State Beats University of Houston

Phi Slamma Jamma was the shit back in the day. All I remember is after Lorenzo Charles jammed in the winner, the look on Jim Valvano's face running around trying to find someone to hug. This was a pretty colossal upset!

9. The Jamaican Bobsledding Team

Cool Runnings baby! If you've seen it, you'd know what I'm talkin about. Actually you wouldn't have to see the movie to even think of it as an upset. You would never in a million years think Jamaica can stand up to other countries in bobsledding.

8. 1,2,3 Kid Beats Razor Ramon

Razor was the shit until he ran into the Kid. I miss the days of Raw where there would be jobber matches but once in a blue moon, there would be an upset like this.

7. Buster Douglas KO's Mike Tyson

This dude was a 42-1 underdog! Everyone and their mama was stuck after this one. Mike was a bad ass man! He absolutely got caught by this dude.

6. NY Jets vs. Baltimore Colts Superbowl 3

The guarantee that made Joe Namath famous. No one expected this but Jets fans and the team in the locker room.

5. Denver Nuggets SHOCK the world in 1994 NBA Playoffs

This happened on Shanezoola's birthday in 94. You will always remember Dikembe Mutombo hugging the ball after completing the upset.

4. Giants vs Patriots Superbowl 42 XLII

We were too drunk to remember this game, but after finally gathering myself, this was one for the ages. Learned the hard way not to always bet heavy on the favorite. Didn't know a different Manning was gonna win the title.

3. Appalachian State Upsets Michigan

Sure Big Blue has lost at home before but not to a 1-AA team. I remember I kept watching the highlights during the early games and thinking they'll blow em out, but App St just kept coming and left the Michigan fans on suicide watch.

2. Villanova Knocks Off The Mighty Hoyas: Georgetown in the 80's was such a nasty team. Villanova needed to play the perfect game. And they did. Shooting almost close to perfect as possible from the field.

1. The Miracle On Ice

This is probably the only hockey memory people have in their minds. The powerhouse Russians owned hockey and the U.S team was a bunch of kids just glued together earlier, and in the semis, they came together and played a wonderful game and pulled off the greatest stunner in sports history.

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