Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Of course as you people know the NATION will be hosting the Goodlife 2 this Saturday and for those who are going to be attending a NATION gathering for the first time, we all thought it would be nice for us to introduce ourselves to the people. A mere "get to know" the MEMBERS. So let us introduce to you our own MUDVILLE NINE.


THE MAC makes up one half of the Super Smash Bros. He is in LOVE with all the Kardashian girls and when he means in LOVE with all of em he means Kylie and Kendall too! He is an avid movie critic and porn connoisseur, favorite movie: Menace II Society; favorite porn: Dirty Latina Maids. MACTINO is stupid creative from co-creating this blog, to making random slideshows, and puttin his friends on blast with photoshop pics. MACTINO IS ALSO THE FINEST, CUTEST, HIPPEST, HYPHYEST...(add -EST TO AN ADJECTIVE AND THAT'S MACTINO! EVERYTHING BUT GAYEST) In all respects Santino is a saint, but cross him and he'll kill you! Hit up THE MAC for all your party plannin festivities, from party buses to house parties this nigga gets it crackin!

Favorite Movie: Menace II Society

Favorite Female Celebrities: The Kardashians

Wu-Tang Member Comparison: The RZA

2. Alvin Alcantara: AKA AL-BOOGIE

Alvin is the character of the NATION. His wit, sense of randomness and the ability to be the life of the party adds on to his already DOMINATING state. He is the other half of the Super Smash Bros, who is an excellent host, dancer, and sometimes just a RUDE ASS MAN. Why one lovely young lady just recently called him an "asshole" last Friday. His favorite hot celebrity is both Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Brian Austin Green and considers Kira Kener's Asian Anal Adventures 3 and Sex In The City as his favorite movies. You can always find Al-Boogie on the mic, on top of a speaker or on the BART. But wherever it may be, it is always a party when Al-Boogie is around! He is the true Ill-Buto!

Favorite Movie: Sex and The City

Celebrity He's In Love With: Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Wu-Tang Member Comparison: The GZA

3. Peter Chan: AKA THE ANVIL

Mr. Chan is a avid Pittsburgh Steeler fan, whose favorite movie is Dumb and Dumber and considers Christina Milian as his hot celebrity. When he is not owning everyone with his uncanny ability to know all the lyrics to a plethra of songs, he considers himself the PEOPLE'S CHAMPION and Kanye West's long lost twin. In his spare time, he likes to rip notorious farts and rule the NATION as one half of the infamous HART FOUNDATION.

Favorite Movie: Dumb and Dumber

Favorite Female Celebrity: Christina Milian

Wu-Tang Member Comparison: Inspectah Deck


Steve is a wonderful, disease free individual who makes up the other half of the Hart Foundation. As a warning to the ladies, do not stare at Mr. Somera's eyes for you will have an orgasm. He considers Goodfellas as his favorite movie and think Cassie is his dream celebrity. When he is not busy being too intense during sporting events or getting thrown out of places, he charms the ladies with his abilities on the piano and is the considered the smartest man of the NATION. He is truly the Excellence of Execution.

Favorite Movie: Goodfellas

Favorite Female Celebrity: Cassie

Wu-Tang Member Comparison: Masta Killa

5. Chris Dumadag: AKA CHRIS DOOMZ

Chris is one half of the Legendary Legion Of Doom and is an avid sports fanatic. He is our resident statistician. He can spit out stats from the last Lakers game to even Candace Parker's debut with the L.A Sparks. Chris is a suave pimp who's favorite movie is Nacho Libre and thinks the world of Kate Beckinsale. But to the ladies he is irresistable. He is the NATION's overall resident NICE GUY. DOOOO IT!

Favorite Movie: Nacho Libre

Favorite Female Celebrity: Kate Beckinsale

Wu-Tang Member Comparison: Raekwon

6. Mark Dumadag: AKA MF DOOM

Like his Tag Team Counterpart, Mark is a very nice individual and is the elder statesman to the NATION. He is dependent, trustworthy and someone you can truly rely on. He is also an avid sports fanatic and has a passion for the Sacramento Kings and the San Francisco 49ers. He also considers Kate Beckinsale as his favorite celebrity hottie and loves Top Gun (except the gay, pointless volleyball scene). When he is not busy watching Sportscenter's Top 10 Plays at 3AM or getting bronchitis, Mark is busy crafting his style. A style that is impetous. He has a defense that is impregnable. He wants your heart. He wants to eat your children! All in all this man wants to conquer people and their souls.

Favorite Movie: Top Gun

Favorite Female Celebrity: Kate Beckinsale

Wu-Tang Member Comparison: Ghostface Killah

7. Zachary Cervantes: AKA ZACK ATTACK!!!

Zack is the muscles to the NATION. The bodyguard so to speak. He may appear an asshole to people, but he has a heart of gold. His favorite movie is Training Day while he considers Megan Fox as his celebrity hottie. When he's not busy lifting weight rooms, pushing DJ's into port-o-potty doors, bringing Hennessey to a Grey Goose party or losing phones, he enjoys a nice cold beer and is an avid collector of shoes. We cannot understand why people think this gentleman is an asshole. He is the first person to offer to carry you home after a night of drinks (well unless he's smashed). He is that considerate people. Well we all know for a fact that he has a message for those who feel that he is an asshole. The simple man that is ZACK ATTACK would just say, "Welp, I guess I just gotta move on with my life." Well said my friend, well said!

Favorite Movie: Training Day

Favorite Female Celebrity: Meagan Fox

Wu-Tang Member Comparison: U-God

8. Brandon Tagupa: AKA B-TAG

Brandon. What else can be said about this guy. From his uncanny ability to randomly quote hilarious films or bust out Roni by Bobby Brown on a red light in the middle of a Dublin intersection, he is the EMOTION of the NATION. You can always tell what mood the NATION was gonna be in through B. His favorite movie is a brilliant comedic masterpiece called Coming To America while indulging in the light that is Kate Beckinsale. Overall, he is sincere, to the point and is loved by the ladies. Is it true that Mr. Tagupa's tears can cure AIDS? Indeed, but nobody has ever seen him cry. I'm positive... HIV Positive that it is true.

Favorite Movie: Coming To America

Favorite Female Celebrity: Kate Beckinsale

Wu-Tang Member Comparison: Method Man


The fat guy from PM Dawn. The fat guy from Dru Hill. All groups need that heavy set fella. That is where this man come in. To the NATION, he is simply the BIG SHOW. A giant in stature, but a big softie inside. An avid sports buff and trivia fanatic, he likes his "uggggh chickun" wings and is the other half of the NUTCHECK VIDEOS originators. When he's not busy dancing on sacred Ostrich couches or passing out on lawns with the sprinklers, shitting on neighbors' lawns which later withstands grueling mother nature and turns into something that resembels petrified wood, on or Grand Theft Auto-ing a Chevy Malibu, he plays poker in random times of the night, listens to slow jams while running, and hones his new skills as a beer pong player. He may not be the best looking guy out there, or the most fit, or a person that might of graduated from a college that rhymes with Harvard, but this man is loyal and will always be by your side. Now cue up Love In This Club!

Favorite Movie: Karate Kid Part II

Favorite Female Celebrity: Tamia

Wu-Tang Member Comparison: Ol Dirty Bastard

To people it may just be the people that is orginizing a party, but to us, it is just a group of homies who just love being around one another. So once again you are cordially invited to the GOODLIFE 2 hosted by the NATION Saturday June 15th... Read the flyer below. The NATION thanks you and we will see you there!


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