Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chase For The Playoffs

So in a nutshell, my Pittsburgh Penguins; once left dead in the water a few weeks ago, is alive and well after a coaching change and acquiring a couple of players. It's gonna be a dogfight and I'll be providing day-by-day updates with a little entertainment on the side as the race continues until mid April for the playoffs. I only give a shit about the Eastern Conference so I'll explain it to people what the situation is. Top 8 make the playoffs. I'll be posting the standings below (as well as how many games remaining each team has). After that I'll be posting what's called a "scoreboard watch," which means the teams that my Penguins are chasing or in a dogfight with. Finally I will post the next day's games of significance. If you need more explanation, feel free to jump off of a cliff.

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Obviously most of the U.S aren't hockey fans, so in hockey they go by a point system... Meaning...

-Win=2 Points
-Loss=0 Points
-Overtime=1 Point (Both teams will play for the extra point in OT)
-Overtime Winner= 1 Extra Point

*If the game goes into overtime, both teams earn a point. If no one scores in OT, then it goes to a "shootout." 3 players from each team gets a shot. Whoever scores the most gets the extra point. If it is still tied, they add another shooter (one who hasn't shot yet) until there's a winner... Need visual proof?

Eastern Conference Standings: As of March 5, 2009 (Games Remaining in parenthesis)

1. Boston Bruins: 93 Points (17: Kings of the hill. They rule. They're safe

2. New Jersey Devils: 87 Points (18): Mr. Consistency. They're safe.

3. Washington Capitals: 85 Points (16): Douches! But they're safe... For now

4. Philadelphia Flyers: 78 Points (19): Teetering

5. Montreal Canadiens: 75 Points (18): Where it gets interesting. Distance between 5-10 is a mere 4 points

6. Florida Panthers: 74 Points (17): Surprise team in the mix. Get a higher seed cause they played less games than Penguins and they've owned the Rangers in season series.

7. New York Rangers: 74 Points (17): Also teetering. I hope they fall off.

8. PITTSBURGH PENGUINS: 74 Points (16): Hottest team right now. 5 wins in a row. 7 of 9 since coach was fired and replaced.

---------------------------------SHIT OUT OF LUCK------------------------------------

9. Buffalo Sabres: 71 Points (18): Small market. Young stars. Goalie better not fuck it up.

10. Carolina Hurricanes: 71 Points (17): Staal and that's it. Will drown soon like puppies.

Scoreboard Watch Tonight
*Penguins beat Florida 4-1: Big win. Brought Florida down to earth.
*Rangers beat Islanders 4-2: Rags beat a sorry excuse of a hockey team.

What to watch for 3/6
*Carolina plays Calgary
*Buffalo plays Phoenix
*Montreal plays Atlanta

Song of the day as a Penguins fan.

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