Thursday, March 12, 2009

Point Well Taken...

Ladies and gentlemen, these aren't those Columbus Blue Jackets that is usually making reservations for the golf course this time of year. They have a playoff spot to maintain. They are a bunch of hungry young guys with enough drive to lead themselves to their first playoff berth in franchise history. Looking at their last 3 wins (Penguins, Bruins, Red Wings), it is time to give them some due which I will, but this blog is mainly Penguins only so we'll talk more about them.

Well a lot of people basically turned the TV off early in the 3rd period when the Jackets took a 3-0 lead. But while watching this game, I continued to have that same feeling that they were going to come back. Today though, it was a thought that if they just get a goal and dent young goalie Steve Mason, they can attempt something. They did when Sergei Gonchar scored on a power play with less than 12 minutes left. They had a pulse...

...Then a little over a minute later, a ghastly turnover by Columbus which led to a Pascal Dupuis goal. 3-2 with an eternity left. BTW, if anybody in a Penguin sweater needed that goal it was Dupuis. The guy kept getting chance after chance with no dice. Now the Pens had life.

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They kept pressuring but Steve Mason was just up to the task until a little gamble by Coach Byslma...

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You Gotta Know When To Hold Em, When To Fold Em, Know When To Put Sid, Geno and Mad Max In One Line

...He puts Sid, Malkin and Max Talbot in one line and just like Game 5 in Detroit last year, after some work on the boards, Mad Max ties it up and the Penguins fans rejoice in Columbus!

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The Pens kept pressuring but Mason was up to it. And the Pens earned a point as the clocks hit 0:00. OT produced some chances but both goalies were on their game now.

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Shootout time!!!

J-Will up... Fleury Stones Him

Letang up... Mason Saves It

Columbus' Best Player Rick Nash up and Fleury denies him

Sid The Kid... Was Just That A Kid Against Mason

Kristian Huselius fires a wicked wrister past Fleury 1-0 Jackets

Malkin with the last chance... He's on acid... Saved

Blue Jackets get the extra point...

The Pens earned a well deserved point and it was credit to Columbus goalie Steve Mason for preventing them from acquiring the extra point. But one is still better than none.

Let's see how the other games did

*Buffalo 3 Florida 1: Lifesaver win by Buffalo... It keeps their life jackets on. Tough loss for the Cats. This time of the year, you really need points to keep pace.

*NY Islanders 3 Montreal 2 OT: The Habs poop on themselves and loses to a team who hasn't won a road game in forever! Though they earned a point, they damn sure should of gotten that extra point.

*NY Rangers 4 Nashville 2: Big win by the Rags! Sean Avery scored... No jokes there.

*Carolina 2 Dallas 3: My theory was correct. 2nd of a back to back for the Canes. Dallas with a 6 game losing streak. It was a recipe for Dallas' misery to end... And it did.

WHERE ARE WE NOW????? Thru Thu 3/12/09

1. Boston: 97 Pts (13 Left): Won tonight

2. New Jersey: 91 Pts (15 Left): Dominating win at home vs. Coyotes. One hot streak away from catching up to Boston.

3. Washington: 90 Pts (13 Left): Impressive win at Philly. But you guys are still JOKES!

4. Philadelphia: 82 Pts (16 Left): Need to win with these games in hand.

5. Montreal: 80 Pts (14 Left): Should've gotten the extra point.

6. PENGUINS: 79 Pts (13 Left): Lucky point tonight! We'll take it!

7. NY Rangers: 78 Pts (14 Left): Nice road win at the Honky Tonk

8. Carolina: 78 Pts (12 Left): Tough way to lose a back-to-hack. Would've been huge!

-----SHIT OUT OF LUCK-----

9. Florida: 77 Pts (14 Left): Bad loss in Buffalo. Injuries are piling up.

10. Buffalo: 75 Pts (14 Left): Cue up Stayin' Alive by Bee Gees!

No games of importance tomorrow so a day-off, but we'll be up on Saturday again.

Song of the Day...

Just plain lucky tonight Pittsburgh!!!

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