Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Night Saturday Night!!!

Let's get down to business...

*Rangers 5 Buffalo 3: The Sabres are now officially on life support. It's just a matter of time when the plug is pulled.

*Carolina 4 Capitals 1: Man the Canes meant business in the third! Scoring 3 goals to send a message to Southeast leading Washington.

*Leafs 5 Montreal 2: The Bob Gainey Experiment is slowly dying along with the Habs. Not even George St. Pierre can give this team enough fight. They look disinterested to me.

*Columbus 3 Florida 1: Bad loss for Florida. Clinging on to a 1 goal lead and your Florida is like having your girlfriend around handsome, charming European men. Something is gonna give. Columbus were those guys.

So as of Saturday Night...

1. B's 100 Pts: Clinched Playoff Spot. Yey them. Start playing again instead of coasting though.

2. Jersey 97 Pts: Will get it next

3. JOKES 96 Pts: The hate of AO is starting to loom.

4. Philly 86 Pts: Huge seeding game vs. Pittsburgh Sunday

5. PENGUINS 86 Pts: Beat Philly and they get home ice.

6. Carolina 85 Pts: The Hurricanes and Cam Ward are gonna be an underrated bunch in the playoffs.

7. NY Rangers 84 Pts: 4-7 is so close right now. A losing streak can just ruin you. It's not a jinx to you New York.

8. Montreal 81 Pts: You mess with the Bull, you get the horns.

-----SHIT OUT OF LUCK-----

9. Florida 80 Pts: If they don't make the playoffs, they lose Bouwmeester in the summer for diddly poo.

10. Buffalo 76 Pts: What we have here is a situation where they are brain dead and is just living off of a machine. Do we just pull it?

Sunday Tilts...

*Philadelphia @ Pittsburgh: A Keystone rivalry renewed. This shit can get ugly.

*Ottawa @ NY Rangers

Song of the Day...

What can I say... I Love Mariah Carey.

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