Monday, April 13, 2009

It's All Set: The Sweet Sixteen

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are here and thanks to the New York Rangers, the Penguins get home ice advantage vs. the Flyers after they beat Philly in the final game of the year. This is where my disease starts. My day will surround the Penguins playing for Lord Stanley's Cup. The superstitions. The pregame rituals. The agony. The exhiliration. The anticipation. The joy. Will this be the year? I'll dive into greater detail with an extensive preview tomorrow, but here are the first round playoff matchups for both the EAST and WEST


1. San Jose Sharks vs. 8 Anaheim Ducks
2. Detroit Red Wings vs. 7. Columbus Blue Jackets
3. Vancouver Canucks vs. 6. St. Louis Blues
4. Chicago Blackhawks vs. 5. Calgary Flames


1. Boston Bruins vs. 8. Montreal Canadiens
2. Washington Capitals vs. 7. New York Rangers
3. New Jersey Devils vs. 6. Carolina Hurricanes
4. PITTSBURGH PENGUINS vs. 5. Philadelphia Flyers

From now until the end of the playoffs, this song will always play...

It's Time!

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