Friday, January 25, 2008


Evening folks. With the Super Bowl a about 9 days away, NCV wanted to get everything going by getting everyone hyped about the big game. Though everyone knows the Pats are gonna stomp, it is the music at the stadiums that get everyone rockin' and their adrenaline pumping. It don't have to be a football game. It coulda been at the Arena when the Warriors were in the midst of shocking the world, or in Colorado when the Red Sox clinched the World Series, or even a Stockton Thunder game, music does not exclude the stadiums out there. So this Flashback Friday, we're gonna dedicate today to all those rim rockin' anthems that gets you amped for the game. Enjoy everyone! Finally to those partyin' it up in Merced, I dedicate those to all ya'll. Be safe and hope these get you goin'

I do not condone his behavior, but everyone knows this song in all stadiums out there. Don't lie you know you have said it at the arena before. Go ahead, say "HEY!"
Gary Glitter: Rock and Roll Part 2

If you've been at the Thunder game in Stockton, the hook may be familiar. This is the song that goes "Oooh oooh oooh oooh"
Kernkraft: Zombie Nation

The horn at Thunder game plus the song

This song is so fuckin' ampin' in my book. I feel like I just scored a goal and jumped onto the glass!
Blur: Song 2

Finally, any AC/DC song would work for any sporting event. Everyone goes with Back in Black, but here is my favorite AC/DC... THUNDERSTRUCK!!!

I'm a baseball fan, particularly a Mariners fan so when I hear this song, I know my closer comes out to end the game.

Hope those vids got you all amped now. I'm in the early stages of having a NCV hosted Super Bowl party at the crib here for the big game. More details to come! Enjoy

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