Friday, February 15, 2008


In honor of Love Week, we are dedicating the 25 greatest movie love/romantic scenes ever. Me and MACTINO are sensitive enough to think of a lot of movies and we've narrowed it down to the final 25. I know there's more, but here's our side of things. We pretty much just want to know that we cater to everyone, and we are able to show our sensitive side to all matters.

25. Casper

24. She's All That: Watching this movie showed me two things. The chick was hot the entire time and it showed how mean people could be. The stairs scene is something that a lot of people will always remember.

23. Aladdin: The magic carpet ride scene was truly a turning point to the film. The extraordinary soundtrack and song also added to the flare to such a romantic moment in a Disney film. If you weren't touched by this scene, you need to check if you're alive.

22. The Wood: "We ain't gettin' no studyin' done, you need to work on yo game anyway." What a line.

21. Pretty Woman: Sometimes you just gotta be treated like the high classed whore

20. Cruel Intentions: This was a sick, twisted, demented wonderfully horrible movie of lies, deceit, and incest. But at least the end the right people won and that evil bitch Sarah Michelle Gellar got what she deserved. Bittersweet Symphony made its debut too!

19. Con-Air: The song was absolutely amazing. It was just a man trying to come home to his wife and daughter. Just a beautiful moment.

18. Rocky: "YO ADRIAN!"

17. Mr and Mrs Smith: This is for those weird, s&m fans who like pain. The scene is totally hot!

16. Sixteen Candles: Not much I need to say about this one.

15. Say Anything: John Cusack with the stereo playing Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes. At one point in your life you wanted to do that.

14. Wedding Singer: The Grow Old With You skit was classic. First off Billy Idol was the perfect wingman. Two Sandler is always brilliant and finally if you're lady is as hot as Drew Barrymore, I would make an ass out of myself 30,000 feet high.

13. City of Angels: What a romantic scene. The line by Nicholas Cage sure would make all women and some men cry. Plus Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls was introduced. Quality scene matched with an even greater song.

12. Love and Basketball: For a hoops fan, this was sexy. India Arie's voice in the background added to the scene and it makes me want to reenact this scene with you Sue Bird of the Seattle Storm or Becky Hammon. I'm game baby.

Whenever I beat you Sue or Becky, "double or nothin"

11. The Bodyguard: Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston made it happen in this one, plus we hear the sheer brilliance of Whitney with arguably her greatest song ever!

10. The Notebook: Kiss in the rain. Do you really think we'd leave this off? Yes ladies we did sit down and watch this.

9. The Officer and the Gentleman: Richard Gere does it again. This time it wasn't Julia Roberts or a pet hamster or gerbil. I bet there are women out there right now waiting for their men to do this to them.

8. Poetic Justice: 2Pac+Janet=MAGIC! Plus we are introduced to Janet's Again

7. Ghost: Arguably one of the most memorable scenes ever. Plus we are introduced to the Righteous Brothers' Unchained Melody.

Patrick Swayze=A MAN's MAN!

6. Dirty Dancing: Patrick Swayze does it again with one of the most memorable dance numbers in history. BTW, we doin' this on your wedding day MACTINO.


5. Robinhood Prince of Thieves: The Bryan Adams song just absolutely sweet movie.

4. My Girl: "The Kiss" Macaulay Culkin was out of his mind adorable. Such a sweet scene.

3. Jerry Macguire: You Complete Me and You Had Me At Hello. Man Tom Cruise is a nutjob now. I miss the Bob Seger singin, fish holdin' airplane flying guy. Not the couch jumper.

2. Karate Kid 2: The fight scene. If Kate Beckinsale was Kumiko then I would fight for her honor eight days a week.

1. Top Gun: What an unforgettable scene, plus Berlin's Take My Breath Away makes its only impact in history.

We hope you enjoyed our top 25. We hope you appreciated it as much as we had. I know we left off some classic scene, but in our mind, this is what stood out. Let the debates begin!

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