Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ghetto Love Wednesday

Here's Shanezoola's additions to Ghetto love Wednesday. My man Tino was bringin' heat from the 90's but my additions are both a mix of old and new school. Whatever the case, you readers out there enjoy!

Diana Ross and the Supremes: Love Child

NOTE TO MACTINO: Delta Microbiology Class

Busta Rhymes featuring Will-I-Am: I Love My Chick

1. Gabrielle Union=Made The Video!
2. Did they just compare Busta Rhymes to Brad Pitt? Who's next Craig Mack to George Clooney?

MoKenStef: He's Mine

"Mighta had him once but I got him all the time."

Dana Harris: As We Lay (90's Version)

Sparkle Featuring R.Kelly: Be Careful

I wanted to focus more on the negative aspects of ghetto love, but whatever the case may be some couples like to stick it out through thick and thin, and even as foul an act as can be, ones still manage to continue on. These songs are dedicated for those people.

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