Thursday, February 7, 2008

T&A Thursday Special: HOT R&B Singers

You can name them all. You've even seen them all. Not only is there music so wonderful, but they're not bad to look at either. Today's NCV blog is still within the theme of T&A Thursday, but we're making it specific to those who have made some of the best contributions to R&B and their videos make you want to just stare into the TV and imagine the nasty ass things you would do to them. Me, Shanezoola personally, I'm talking to you Tamia...

Tamia: Officially Missing You

1. Grant Hill is OFFICIALLY the luckiest man in the planet. Hands down.
2. When this video first came out, I was waiting for the Penguins game to start cause I used to record Penguins games, and they showed the video on TRL. Let's just say one of my Penguins game I have on tape has Officially Missing You in the beginning, then the game.

Back to back Tamia: Stranger In My House

1. If Tamia was THE stranger in my house, then go ahead and rob me.
2. Who didn't know the line: "Pop Quiz tell me where we first kissed, tell me where my spot is?"
3. Momma said never talk to strangers, but if she looked like that, I'll go into the open van door already.

Mya: My Love Is Like WOAH!

1. I went through a phase where I said "WOAH" with everything. My stethoscope is like woah, my wallet's like woah, my credit card bill's like woah!
2. Something about Mya shaking her ass in different outfits that got me in this video

Tracie Spencer: Tender Kisses

1. MACTINO always remembers this song from Family Matters when Urkel, Eddie Winslow and Waldo snuck in to Tracie Spencer's room.

2. If I had a Top 10 most underrated slow jams in my history, this song makes it.

Allure: Head Over Heels

1. Lost in the hotness of En Vogue, SWV, TLC even 3LW, these gals made their way into my TV set and my head.
2. Please pardon Nas in this video. I know this blog is to have you oggle at the gals, but I'm sorry if Nas ruined it.

A Fitting End... Saving The Best For Last: Vanessa Williams

1. Rick Fox=Jackass!
2. Rick Fox=Jackass!
3. Rick Fox=Jackass!
4. Hands down Hottest R&B singer of all time. You can make your argument for Beyonce, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, but no one no one can touch her beauty, talent, sex appeal. She is the perfect woman. I will argue you to the death about this.

I have more in my arsenal, but I have to let my man blog too. The thing I'm proud of with this post is many people would've posted Beyonce, Rihanna, J-Lo, Mariah Carey etc, but remember the purpose of NCV is to bring you the songs and videos that you probably haven't heard of in a while. And that goes for the topic too. The gals I posted are more "under the radar" women who is overlooked because of the ones mentioned above. Enjoy the blog once again ladies and gentlemen. And thank you for taking the time out to view it.

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