Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Top 10 Cartoon Families

In continuing Family Week, the NCV is proud to present our top 10 Cartoon Families of all-time. Mind you these were cartoons that we watch. Enjoy everyone!

10. The Stevensons: Beavis and Butthead
You may remember Beavis and Butthead for all the shit they got into, but part of the cast was one nerd. Stewart. One classic episode that stood out was when Beavis and Butthead came over to drop Stewart's homework off and his mom broke to them that he missed school cause he had diarrhea. Like parts of this scene.

9. Squidbillies
Only Cartoon Network's Adult Swim would have such characters as this. No matter what though the writers are brilliant and want what they are smoking.

8. The Smith's: American Dad
Stan is a CIA agent who has a girly son, a whore of a daughter, an even airheaded skank of a wife a talking fish and alien. BTW, does Mrs. Smith belong on the top 10 hot cartoon wives? That's on another countdown.

7. The Generic's: Bobby's World
This show was one of the reasons why I woke up early Saturday Mornings. Along with Saved By The Bell, this family was downright hilarious. Aside from Howie Mandel being on the show, Bobby and his Uncle Ted (who looks like George Wendt as a cartoon) are a hoot and a holler. Was it just me or was Uncle Ted a real pervert?

6. The Hill's: King of the Hill
It started as the voice of old man Anderson on Beavis and Butthead, but Mike Judge's brilliance continued with this family. A real Texas family. Hank just sells propane and propane accessories. Peggy was a substitute teacher who wore hella big shoes. Bobby was a homo in training. Luann was such a whore too! Not to be outdone, a close enough to the list is the Souphanousinphone's. You know the Laotian family!

5. The Jetsons
For being such a skinny ass bastard, he has a pretty hot wife. Judy Jetson wasn't so bad herself. Why does the Robot Maid still remind me of Mexicans? Why?

4. The Flinstones
What can't you say about this family? From Fred to his patient ass wife, Pebbles who always hung out with Bamm Bamm. Even their pets Dino and Baby Puss, this was the ultimate family. In the days of evolution.

3. The Marshes: South Park
Stan is really dull on the show, but his dad makes up for it. Who else would go to jail for fighting at their son's little league game or measure if he has the biggest turd in the world or rent a porn called Backdoor Sluts 9 to please his wife. Even Granpa Marsh is hilarious for continuously calling Stan "Billy"

2. The Griffin's: Family Guy
Peter is the lovable oaf on the show with a homemaker but "slut in the inside" Lois. Their kids Chris (a doofus), Meg (no one cares) and Stewie (an inside the closet homosexual) round out the cast. Who knew that the smartest family member of the show was Brian the Dog?

1. The Simpsons
Bar none. Hands the down the best. Many American men compare themselves to Homer. We see them in the streets all the time. Marge is always by her man's side even though he does the most asinine things. They have kids in which a lot of families have. A smart one, a stupid one and Maggie. They have loud ass sister-in-laws, and a forgetful grandfather... Is this the type for a typical American Family or what?

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