Sunday, May 4, 2008

Slow Jams/R&B Hits By White Guys Blog

Nobody gives due to the white boys of the R&B. There have been some nicely made songs over the years that the NCV would like to take the time out and appreciate. So here are some of those jams.

Gavin DeGraw

Oh Chariot

Really solid song. Very underappreciated musician. If you don't know he sang I Don't Want To Be.


All Or Nothing

This song takes me and the MAC back in high school when Ehrhrole, me, Tino, and Mikey Gonzales created a boy band named the N'Town Boys!

Robbie Williams


A superb song! He has such a distinct voice. Plus the song is really sweet.

Robin Thicke

When I Get You Alone

YES LADIES. BEFORE THE LOST WITHOUT YOU Robin Thicke was this long haired skinny messenger lookin' dude.

Color Me Badd

Forever Love

Very beautiful song. Cheezy but it works.

Edwin McCain

I'll Be

If you were a fan of 90210, you first heard it there!

Nick Lachey

My Everything

I'll close it out with leader of 98 Degrees.

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