Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Top 10 Greatest SUMMERSLAM Matches

Continuing with the Summer theme, we here at the NCV presents the Top 10 Summerslam matches in our opinion. Being a wrestling fan, we all grew up watching all the pay per views and Summerslam was one constant event everyone got together for during the summer months. We will explain why each match made the list. So here we go.

10. Hulk Hogan vs. Shawn Michaels: Summerslam 2005
It all started when HBK Superkicked Hogan shockingly at Arco Arena on RAW. Then it became a small little feud to see if HBK can really beat the greatest? They sold the feud pretty well and had a pretty good match.

9. Triple H vs. The Rock: Summerslam 1998
This feud was one of the most underrated in wrestling. Just because the Rock went on to become a movie star. But if he stayed how cool would it be to continue a Triple H/Rock rivalry? In 98 we were treated with an ultra cool ladder match between these two for the Intercontinental Title.

8. The Big Show vs. Sabu: Summerslam 2006
It was a midcard event, but this one stood out. We all knew Sabu was the master of hardcore matches. But everyone was curious to see how the Big Show would fare in a Hardcore Rules match. The end result? A fuckin' fantastic match!

7. Ravishing Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior: Summerslam 1990
This feud lasted an entire year. The reason this match made the list was not because of the Warrior's wrestling skills. Gosh no. But how brilliant Rick Rude was selling everything and carried the Warrior the entire match. If you are a wrestling purist, you will appreciate how Ravishing Rick Rude wrestled, sold the match and made the Ultimate Warrior that night.

6. Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy: Summerslam 2001
Two Highfliers. Two Risktakers. Hardcore Ladder Match. What do you think happens?

5. Hardy Boyz vs. Edge and Christian vs. Dudley Boyz: Summerslam 2000
What a fuckin' match! It is amazing what these guys can do in the ring. It was a rare triple threat match on a ladder for the Tag Team champs.

4. Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon: Summerslam 1995
The originals are always the best. What better Summerslam to show than their inaugural Ladder Match which pitted two great wrestlers.

3. Hart Foundation vs. Demolition: Summerslam 1990
The Hart Foundation was the best tag team around and proved it with this classic match. It was a best out of 2 of 3 falls. Demolition kept switching members in the middle of the match and LOD helped them out. It is just amazing how good the Foundation is.

2. British Bulldog vs. Bret Hart: Summerslam 1992
One classic match! Everyone remembers the hype! Brother in laws fighting. Wembley Stadium. 80000+ The match went back and forth. I was so happy that this was the main event and not the Macho Man/Ultimate Warrior match. I was sad at the end but it was one hell of a match.

1. Mr. Perfect vs. Bret Hart: Summerslam 1991
You talk about a perfect match. You watch this classic. When I heard the story behind it with Mr. Perfect's back being out and gutting his way to put Bret Hart over, it was a gutsy performance. He sold everything to perfection. This was the Hitman's beginning of dominance! If you are a fan of technical wrestling. Appreciate this gold mine!

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