Thursday, June 26, 2008

Top 14 Worst Lottery Picks Of All Time

In continuing with the Summer trend, we always have the NBA draft. So as a tribute, we would like to mention the worst lottery picks of all time. Remember the lottery was not established until the mid 80's and it was to help out the worst teams and the non-playoff teams in the league. What we always find hilarious is some of these teams don't pick the best guys. And we here at the NCV will like to point that out to the people. So each number represents the worst ever for that particular number.

14. William Avery G: Timberwolves

The Wolves had the 14th pick looking to upgrade their roster. Three Duke players were already drafted within the first thirteen. Elton Brand, Trajan Langdon and Corey Maggette. Minnesota takes this guard who didn't even have a great season at Duke the year before just going by his potential. What many people do not know was 2 picks after was Ron Artest, a few after were Andrei Kirilenko and Manu Ginobili. No wonder no one wants to play in Minnesota!

13. Michael Smith F: Celtics

The Celtics' run was coming to an end and to ensure their place in the bottom of the league they drafted Michael Smith with the 13th pick in 1989. The players available at the time included Tim Hardaway (next pick), Shawn Kemp and Vlade Divac. Let's just say Boston regrets that pick.

12. Kenny Green: Bullets

The 85 draft had Patrick Ewing as the #1 pick, but this horribly used 12 pick bit them in the ass cause the next pick Utah took a guy named Karl Malone. Joe Dumars, AC Green and Terry Porter, Spud Webb were also available.

11. Kendrick Brown: Celtics

Man Boston keeps fucking up! Passing up on Tony Parker, Gilbert Arenas and Richard Jefferson to take this waste.

10. Luke Jackson: Cavaliers

Trying to get Lebron James some help huh? Well I think Cleveland fucked up in 2004. In a draft where LBJ could've had Al Jefferson, Josh Smith and Kevin Martin on his team. All you can do is shake your head.

9. Mike Sweetney: Knicks

The Knicks have had the history of shitty wasted picks. See Fredric Weis, Rolando Balkman etc. But they try to go hometown kid with Sweetney and was a complete waste of skill and calories. They coulda had Josh Howard, David West, Jason Kapono, and Leandro Barbosa. As a Bulls fan though, I can help but smile.

8. Shawn Respert: Bucks

You think the Bucks learned their lesson a year ago when they had the number 1 pick and took Glenn Robinson instead of Jason Kidd? Hell No. They did it again. Taking Mr. Respert number 8 while Michael Finley, Theo Ratliff, and Brent Barry were on the board.

7. Roy Tarpley: Mavericks

See this is why Dallas was the laughing stock of the NBA every year. For shitty picks like Mr. Tarpley. He actually had a decent first year, but as far as the rest goes... Let's just say he was banned for life in the NBA after multiple drug incidents. Oh yeah John Salley, Dell Curry, Mark Price, Jeff Hornacek, Drazen Petrovic and Dennis Rodman were in the draft class.

6. Robert Tractor Traylor: Bucks

Dallas does it again oh no! But they were actually the winners on this draft cause they originally drafted Traylor and traded him to Milwaukee for the Bucks' pick who ended up being Dirk Nowitzki. To add insult to injury the 10th pick was Paul Pierce, Rashard Lewis and Brad Miller were in the same class.

5. Nikoloz Tskitishvili: Nuggets

I remember watching this draft and the ungodly feeling of horrible-ness yes i just made up a word when Denver took this guy. I understand drafting European talent but this was terrible from the start. Denver needed a center so they could've drafted AMARE STOUDAMIRE! Tayshaun Prince, Carlos Boozer, Luis Scola were drafted afterwards.

4. Marcus Fizer: Bulls

Man this guy was utter garbage! I felt so ashamed actually hoping the Bulls take him. I can still taste the vomit in my mouth. Gone from the NBA after 2 seasons and he didn't help Chicago back to respectability. Another one of the shitty moves by the Bulls after the Jordan years. Oh yeah BTW, Hedo Turkoglu, Morris Peterson and Michael Redd were available.

3. Dennis Hopson: Nets

Its a damn shame to go #3 and not pan out the way you're supposed to. But it makes matters worse when we look back at the players the Nets could've had. You ready...
Scottie Pippen, Kevin Johnson, Reggie Miller, Horace Grant, Mark Jackson, Reggie Lewis, and Kenny Smith. Man New Jersey Fucked up!

2. Shawn Bradley: 76ers

Wow. Just wow! In a draft that produced consistent players such as Allan Houston, Jamal Mashburn, Sam Cassell, Nick Van Exel and Bruce Bowen, the 76ers embarrassed their team by drafting this often used poster boy. Not every player who has height can always play!

1. Michael Olowokandi: Clippers and...

There is a reason the Clippers are the way they are all these years. Being a local cat I remember the kandi man dominating, but not quality teams. That showed in the NBA and was exposed almost immediately. His footwork was terrible, his shot was atrocious and he was the biggest pussy defensively I have ever seen. Oh yeah, Mike Bibby, Antawn Jamison, Vince Carter, Dirk, Paul Pierce, Rashard Lewis were all on this draft class.

Kwame Brown: Wizards

Kwame on the other hand was a failure of Michael Jordan. I know I might get shit for this cause I'm the biggest Jordan lover, but there is a reason they make the connection "for every Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant there is 99 Kwame Browns drafted out of high school." What else can be said about how pathetic this guy was? Ummm I'll just be an asshole and say Tyson Chandler, Pau Gasol, Jason Richardson, Joe Johsnon, Richard Jefferson, Tony Parker, Michael Redd and Mehmet Okur were available.

Well we'll see who fucks up this year!!!

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