Friday, January 18, 2008



Peaches and Herb: Reunited

Peaches is such a gorgeous woman. She must've taken some Tylenol before this performance cause she is carrying this duet.

Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross: The Best Things In Life Are Free

If you remember the movie Mo Money with Damon, Marlon, and Kim Wayans, you remember this jam. A couple of things.
1.Stacey Dash is drop dead fine in this movie.
2. Mo' Money is one of those movies that you will always remember when you watch it.
3. Damon Wayan's mustache is clutch in this movie.

Dan Hill and Vonda Shepard: Can We Try

1. Dan Hill's beard > Better than any facial hair anyone has ever grown!
2. I actually love this song. If I'm a little gay for saying it, then just as long as I beat MACTINO, it'll all be worth it.
3. This video wants me to "Try a Lil' Harder" to beat down MACTINO


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