Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day Blog

As dedication for the love holiday, we here at the NCV are putting out our individual Top 10 greatest love songs/slow jams of all time. Mind you these are just our favorites. There are thousands more that could've made the list but these are the ones that stood out. In a time of lovers and being with that special someone, we dedicate these to all of you. My boy MACTINO came out with some knockouts with his top ten. So in my opinion, these are Shanezoola's favorites.

10. Deele: On Two Occasions
This song shows a young ass Babyface with this timeless classic. Such a simple enough romantic song. Plus that S Curl added more to the flare. This song just added on to the legend that is Babyface.

9. Jodeci: Love U 4 Life
What a great song! The video was even better. A wedding scene was truly perfect for this song. If you were a true Jodeci fan, you would know most or all the words to this song.

8. Joe: I Believe In You
One of those true romantic songs. If you ever want to dedicate a slow jam to your lady, this is truly the song.

7. Shai: Baby I'm Yours
This song is at its best when acapella. This group was one of the most underrated groups of my era. I can still remember the Family Matters episode where Urkel serenaded Laura to this song.

6. Sisqo: Incomplete
This is one of those songs that puts it all in perspective. No matter how much money, power or fame you get, without that special someone to share it with, it is worthless.

5. Blackstreet: Before I Let You Go
Teddy Riley=brilliant. Blackstreet was one of the best R&B groups in the 90's and was comin' out with hit after hit but this song separated itself from the rest.

4. Stevie Wonder: Ribbons In The Sky
I'm not gonna say anything else that needs to be said about Stevie Wonder. Just watch the video and listen to the sheer brilliance of this man.

3. New Edition: Still In Love With You
This song made its way after New Edition went on a little bit of a hiatus. When this song first made airwaves, I was stuck to it. I had to buy the tape.

2. Musiq Soulchild: Teachme
The sensitive man in me got misty eyed to this song. He dares say what most "macho" men would not admit to. This man teaches us that opening up and being sensitive doesn't make you less of a man.

1. Sade: Sweetest Taboo
Its the epitamy of what makes a great love song. The lyrics are outstanding, the voice is sensual and even excellent for love making, and you can even slow dance to it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this song. No holes whatsoever.

I know there was more we missed, but we can't put all our eggs in one basket right? So from the fellas here at the NCV, we wish you and your loved ones a Happy and safe Valentine's Day.

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